For those of you who don’t know, Sophia Stewart is the self proclaimed Mother of the Matrix. Ms. Steward wrote a manuscript called the Third Eye in the 90s and she states the Wachowski Brothers and Warners Brothers (allegedly) used it as the basis for The Terminator and The Matrix. She sued in 1999 and the suit continued for six years. Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion as to whether she prevailed in her 100 page suit against the aforementioned and a whole bunch of other people. There is a document signed by the judge, (called an ORDER) which states that the defendants prevailed against Ms. Stewart and the judge granted their motion for summary judgment. That means, if document is not a hoax, they won and she lost. However in all of the blogs and press releases there are internet statements stating that she won. There is also a 2009 document (an ORDER) where the judge denies her Motion for reconsideration and her motion for summary judgment. I can only guess that this motion is in response to the 2005 Order. For more information go to Ms. Stewart’s website,

But not all of the documents are posted. With some difficulty, you can find the 2009 document posted on the internet. So it looks like the 2.5 billion dollar case was dismissed.

In 2012, Ms. Stewart got the answer against her attorney stricken (this is posted on her webste) but I have not found any ORDER granting her a default judgment against her attorney for 150 million for malpractice. Just not sure. In any event, the only thing I hope is that she tracked his insurance policy for whatever claims they will cover. If she didn’t plead any, i doubt she sees any money. Of course she can always retain an attorney to collect on the judgment which is another blog away.

If you want to listen to Sophia Stewart and I discuss her case, go to internet radio at GOPRO radio and listen to the Kae Thompson Live show with Eric Payne and Kae as hosts. I serve as one of the legal experts.

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The show aired April 3, 2013. The Kae Thompson show is every Wednesday at 8:00 pm EST.


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