Brand Yourself Before Someone Else Does!

When I wrote my first fictional book, I Can’t Cry, my publicist wanted to brand me as an expert on rape. In my book, the protagonist is raped. I didn’t want to be the poster girl for rape because I didn’t know enough on the subject except that a friend, yeah- a friend, was raped which inspired me to write the novel. Truth be told I don’t think I wanted to be the poster child for rape that thought of which is now embarrassing to admit.

Still almost 10 years later (yeah 10 years!) I can appreciate my publicist’s attempt to brand me. So my question to myself and you is — What are you most passionate about? If you didn’t need money for the mortgage, what would you be doing? My advice to you is this: In order to be really good at anything and to have the universe unfold for you, do the following. Establish your intent, Seek to attract it, and and then relax, ie stop your anxiety about it. These three things practice everyday.

Passion breed ideas and ideas breed action. If your passion is bigger than you, that’s even better because others will be attracted to your energy and vision. Here is an exercise. Practice your positive thoughts on your passion. If you feel your heart getting happy, you are being energized by your passion. If people or things start coming to you, you are attracting those people or things who can make it happen. We confuse the universe when we bring anxiety to the picture or sustained negative energy.

We all have one life to live. Life is going to happen. Find you passion and live it. The money will come. Promise.



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