A Cautionary Tale

My husband, a consultant for a State Department contractor, almost died in Belize recently.

He said he had the flu, went into a Belize hospital and within 48 hours, ended up with pneumonia in the left and right lung. My husband had to be air ambulanced from Belize to the nearest hospital in the states that could treat him which was in Aventura  Florida. (They would not fly him past Florida because doctors said he might expire if he wasn’t flown to the nearest state side hospital.) An ICU nurse told me he was unresponsive when he made it to Florida and was lucky to be alive.

His work took him to Europe, South America, Central America, Africa and the former Soviet republic of Georgia. Countries he worked in included Moldova, Uganda, Ecuador, Tunisia and India. He arrived in Belize City in mid-March to help train officers in policing and investigations.

Here are the lessons I learned from the ordeal. I think we all in our lifetime are due at least one critical scare. If we are lucky, God will use it as a wake up call for you to do things differently. For me the “different” is to live fearlessly today because tomorrow is not promised. Some of us live fearlessly, Some of us don’t. My husband to his credit lives fearlessly. If he died tomorrow, he would have died living his dream doing what he loves. Can we all say the same?

Secondly, make sure you have all kinds of insurance — health insurance (with worldwide coverage if need be), flight insurance, travel insurance, life insurance, and/or liability insurance. Thank goodness for Travel Guard insurance, the company who evacuated husband out of Belize.

Lastly — find the positive in EVERY DAY and don’t waste your time will people who don’t deserve your time.

Traci Marquis

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