Warner Bros.: Majority of ‘Veronica Mars’ Downloads Were ‘Successful’

The Veronica Mar’s Kickstarter campaign is a perfect example of handling the business of donors. See Variety article on the download glitches to donors. This is what I like about the ordeal:
1) The download glitches were handled quickly by Warner Bros who obviously are integrated into the campaign.
2) We the public really see how Kickstarter campaigns are properly handled.
3) We the public see donor campaign follow up.
I can’t tell you how many filmmakers and musicians approach me about helping them with a Kickstarter campaign. Folks– these campaigns take work! The Veronica Mars movie may have used donor monies to produce the film, but Warner Bros’ staff is being used to handle the follow up to the campaign. In addition to the publicity (free and otherwise) the Veronica Mars movie enjoys, most campaigns are undertaken by a committee of one, maybe less than 10. The work? Doable yes, but it takes commitment. Is your campaign ready to that?


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